The Proposal…

So, this weekend was one for the record books… err, blogs.  This is a sappy engagement story, so if you’re not looking to read that, you’ve been warned.

And as of about 8:30, March 13, I’m officially engaged.  So this is how it went down:

I was supposed to go out of town this weekend.  Unfortunately, this got cancelled- but will hopefully be rescheduled in the future.  Clay and I did go to Columbia on Friday night and go to the Columbiana Centre mall (hooray for a real mall!) and Pawley’s Front Porch, which was featured on the Food Network show, Diner’s Drive-Ins and Dives.  We were originally going to visit 2 restaurants from that TV show when we went out of town, but since we wound up staying close to home, we went to Pawley’s and it was quite yummy.

Clay said it was the best burger he’d ever eaten, that he wanted to shed a tear when he chowed down into the last bite, and that he wished the burger would magically regenerate.  I had a veggie burger and sweet potato fries, and it was good too.  I love veggie burgers, and I can definitely see why the restaurant was featured on the show.

Saturday morning, Clay mentioned that he had a “reservation” that night and to be at his apartment at 8:00, all dressed up.  We ate lunch with his parents and then I came back to my apartment to chill for a little while before going to the gym to lift some weights.  Keep in mind, I was still slightly bummed about my out-of-town getaway being cancelled, so I was slightly moody all weekend.

At about 6ish, I started getting ready to meet Clay when I realized something was up.

For one thing, NOWHERE in Florence requires reservations.  In fact, only a few restaurants in this town really take reservations (although we do have some good restaurants here, I will give this town that much).  Another thing was that my roommate, Alicia, wanted to do my hair and makeup to go out with Clay.  She did manage to get me to wash my hair for the date, but I was a no-go on any hair and makeup (at least no more makeup than what I usually wear, which isn’t much at all).

And of course… Clay and I just went out to Pawley’s the night before, and while the food was good, it wasn’t *cheap*, and he’s a college student.  So I thought it was kind of strange if he made a reservation, seeing as most places that take reservations are out of our normal food budget.  Yes, we still eat (and live) like college students.

I walked inside Clay’s apartment and saw that he decorated his new dining room table (which we’d never actually eaten at before) with candles, and he cooked Greek salad and 4-cheese stuffed shells.  This is actually the meal that we had when he cooked for me on our first Valentine’s Day back when we were students at Francis Marion.  Oh, and Clay looked quite nice as well.  Now me, I looked like I always look only wearing a dress.  Please try to overlook the pasty-whiteness, as March has been too cold for me to run in short sleeves  so I don’t have a tan yet.

We ate the salad and the pasta, and then he said he had dessert too and went into the kitchen.  Thing is, instead of cake or pie on the dessert plate, there was this:

Picture 148

By the way, there was actually no dessert, but I did have some of the awesome Golden Oreos that I got Clay for free from Target (yay coupons!).

Then of course… he got down on one knee, said that the past four and a half years have been the best of his life, getting to know me, and he popped the question.  Of course, I interjected snarky comments as appropriate, and after saying yes, we googled to make sure the ring was on the right finger.

Picture 150

Then, I called my mom to tell her the news.  I figured it’d be best if she didn’t find out from a tweet or a facebook post, ya know?

Once I called my mom, the technology frenzy began!  I tweeted it and posted it on facebook.  Then I mass-texted all the contacts in my phone who I didn’t think would check twitter or facebook for a few hours (or days.  I mean I have friends who only check facebook like once a week?  Can we say WITHDRAWALS?).  Needless to say, my cell phone bill won’t be cheap this month because I do not have unlimited texting- and those of you who texted know this because I called you all back.

Then, in celebration of our engagement, Clay and I cuddled up and watched Comedy Central because the movie Jack@$$ Number Two was on.  Seriously, that’s what we watched.  And we laughed our butts off at it- just like we laughed our butts off at The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Deuce Bigalo: European Gigalo when we watched those movies during the first few months of our relationship… and it was good.


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8 Responses to The Proposal…

  1. Lisa-Marie says:

    Aww, Sounds like a wonderful evening!! Congratulations!!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Awwww. Congratulations. I’m not on Facebook right now, but I’m sure you’re glad to have your status changed to engaged. hehe.

    I love reading engagement stories. I cannot wait to have my own story. 🙂 Well, I “can” wait, but you know. 😀

    That’s cool about the dessert plate for the engagement ring. I’ve heard different ways of doing it…ring on the dessert plate. I’ve actually heard stories of men putting the ring INSIDE the dessert and the woman chewing and then spitting out the ring. hehe. In fact, there was a news story a few months ago of how a lady swallowed her engagement ring in a milkshake. Wow. Thank goodness, that didn’t happen to you. 🙂

    I thought everyone knew the engagement ring went on the wedding band finger. Well, I think I’ve heard in overseas countries like Germany, the ring is on the right hand, but I think in our culture, it’s tradition to wear it on the left ring finger. 🙂

    I know what you mean about limited texting. I can send 300 a month, and I’ve never gone over, but I’m sure there’s situations where you need to. 😀

    Your ring is beautiful!

    Let us know when you set a date! Weeee. 😀

  3. Amanda says:

    Congratulations! That’s such a cute story of how he proposed. I’m happy for you!

  4. lindsay says:

    belated congrats on the engagement! love the proposal story 🙂 i would have been a little upset that there was no “real” dessert even with the ring, lol. i’m such a dessert pig!

    thanks for stopping by my blog recently – i added you to my google reader. i am from SC too! though, currently living in KY for work. (boo)

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