So it looks like…

… I *have* to complete goal #2 (running the 10K) this month as planned.  Why you ask?

Because The Flossip blogged about it and linked to my blog.  And that’s the Flossip- people actually read that.  She’s kind of a big deal.

I have to admit, I’ve had my share of doubts.  Two weeks ago, I got gas before work.  I reset my gas meter to see how far I could go on the tank, and then drove on to work.  Right whenever I was driving up to my job, I looked at the meter.  It read 6.3 miles.  That’s about the distance of the 10K.

I flipped out… the gas station, my apartment… they’re *across town* from ACS.  So basically, running the 10K is like me running across town.  I live in a pretty big town.  Sure it’s no city and it’s not big to most folks, but when you come from the land of basketball and bbq and three stoplights, Florence is a pretty big place.  It has 2 movie theaters and two Wal-Marts.  That’s how small town people measure big towns.  A town that has multiple movie theaters and Wal-Marts = Big town.

So, of course I mulled this around in my head for a few days and overanalyzed it, like I do just about everything.

Two days later, I talked to my Senior Writer/Mommy Figure at Work about it.  The conversation started out nicely, lots of positive,  “You can do it!” encouragement.  I think my worrying made her think that the race is a long distance, and most of us don’t frequently discuss kilometers and the metric system unless we’re runners- and even then it’s only in terms of races not daily runs.  So, she asks just how long a 10K is.  Of course, I told her… 6.2-6.3ish miles.

Now, this lady knows just how much I run… she also knows just how much I’ll worry if people let me.  And sometimes, as a lowly 24-year-old technical writer who’s only worked at my current job for a little over a year, I think she knows just about everything.  Needless to say, the conversation quickly turned into one of those “Get off your butt!” pep talks. Yep Carol, I really needed that.  I think we all do sometimes.

I went out that afternoon and ran 6.5-6.6 miles.  That’s the first time I ran MORE than the distance of the 10K.  That’s actually the first time I ran over 6 miles (I’ve since done it again, three times).  It took me over an hour, but I ran it and didn’t stop to walk any.  And why does it matter that it’s a 6.3 mile drive from the gas station across town to my job?  I’m going to be RUNNING that 10K, not driving it, and I’ll be dropping my race registration in the mail tomorrow.  My boyfriend, friends, and coworkers actually believe in me- so of course I have to believe in myself.

Believe in yourself, and remember, pain is temporary.  However, race results and blog posts are on the internet forever- or at least until a server crashes.

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6 Responses to So it looks like…

  1. Susanne says:

    Loved this!! You can do it!! I’m rooting for ya!!

  2. Tiffany says:

    awwww yay i’m so proud of you for stepping it up… pretty sure i couldnt even *jog* a mile w/o stopping LOL

  3. Rebecca says:

    Way to go, Amy!! I am so proud of you. I wish you very well with planning and preparing for this. Wow. You’re doing so well on your list. I haven’t started anything, yet I hope to sometime. I have made a small art project though. hehe. 😀

  4. Flossip says:

    I have absolutely no doubt that you will do reach this goal! I am going to get back into my own running routine and use some of your dedication as my own challenge!

    And– stop worrying. You have the world at your fingertips, enjoy! 🙂

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