Making Geekdom Cool: The ‘Tweeting’ Washing Machine

So… you can get text message alerts for just about anything now.  News, traffic reports (which is really weird considering you’re not supposed to drive and text in so many areas now), weather… but what about something that you can actually use?

Like, when to place your laundry in the dryer?

Ryan Rose, a TiVo Senior Programmer from California, has hacked his washing machine to tweet when his laundry finishes, hoping to reduce the mildewed loads of laundry being left in the washer.  When Ryan’s laundry finishes, the washing machine “tweets” to his phone, reminding him to transfer his clothes to the dryer.  The funniest part?  Ryan’s washing machine, PiMPY3WASH, has over 500 followers who also get tweets when his laundry finishes.

Come on, you KNOW you wish you’d thought of this!  I wish I had.  Back in college, I knew people who’d leave their laundry in the laundry room for days.  I didn’t get it- I never had enough clothes for that.  By the time I did laundry, I’d already joined another campus organization or tried to get the attention of “Pat the Patriot” (Mascot) at a basketball game,  to get a t-shirt thrown at me so that I could procrastinate laundry one more day.  Pat usually didn’t pay attention to me, hence the list of organizations I was involved in was two pages long, and I have a ton of random FMU t-shirts.

What I really need, though, is a dryer tweet.  Now that I’m out of college and don’t have to scrape up change to afford “dinner” from the vending machine, I have more clothes and I do occasionally come home to a pile of clothes on my bed that my roommate has taken out of the dryer.

It would be even more awesome if it could tweet me to clean the lint tray :).

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One Response to Making Geekdom Cool: The ‘Tweeting’ Washing Machine

  1. Rebecca says:

    I don’t understand how this is needed. I would so be the last one to use it. I wear a wristwatch, and I time out my laundry that way and then write down the time to come back, or I set an alarm on my cell phone or something.

    And to the people who leave their clothes in the dryer, if I need theirs I take it out and fold them (in hopes they’d do the same for me if they were on a tight schedule), and then use the dryer.

    But this invention made me smile. 😀

    I will admit that. So, thanks for sharing this. 🙂

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