It snowed in SC on February 12, 2010 and I ran around in it!

On Friday, I left work early (I put in extra hours Mon-Thurs because I’m a good lil’ worker) to hang out with my best friend from college, Jenn, for some girl time.  Jenn and I have been friends since my sophomore year of college, when she started working with me in the FMU Math Department, where we both tutored math (Yes… long before I decided to give up on my life’s goals and be a writer, I tutored math).

Jenn knows more about me than most all of you know and many of my family members know, and I’m pretty sure it’s the same with me.  We’ve always discussed stuff, stuff that we couldn’t always discuss with others.  And while it might seem like we’re polar opposites (despite having the same birthday- seriously!), it’s always worked out well.

Jenn is so professional. I wish I looked that professional at work. Usually I'm slumped over a highly caffeinated beverage and a stack of software design specs.

I went to see Jenn at her job, because it was near the end of the day and it was parent/teacher conference day.  She teaches 9th grade math at Darlington High School.  Granted, I was a little worried that the School Resource Officer would try to send me to the office for not wearing a Student ID, but it was nice to see Jenn’s job and meet some of her coworkers.

The high school where she teaches is really big compared to the little 400 person high school I went to, so it was interesting to see how… big… everything was.  I’m sure Jenn is just dying to come see the rows of cubicles where I work, but especially our magical soda machine that dispenses complimentary Diet Mt. Dew to keep the software developers alive.

Jenn has this sign in her classroom, reminiscent of our Math Tutoring days. I think I need one of these sometimes, too.

So… Jenn and I, being adventurously like we are, we journeyed up to Columbia to grab some food and get out of Florence.  Sure, snow was predicted, but we don’t usually believe our weather forecasters here in this state.  Not to mention, Jenn’s mom is from Pennsylvania originally, which makes Jenn half-Yankee so we figured she could drive in the snow almost as well as any naturalized southerner who moved here to escape it.

We ate lunch in a window booth at Lizard’s Thicket and watched the snow fall and the workers go outside and run around in it.  After our wonderful lunch, we went to the Columbiana Centre mall after several wrong turns and stopping at convenience stores to unfold and look at maps that we didn’t buy.  There was a ton of snow up there, definitely more than back home, and here’s the pics to prove it:

Jenn outside Lizard's Thicket

Me in the snow.

Good marketing strategy here... definitely a way to sell out your milk and bread to the residents of the snow-deprived Southeast.

You can barely tell this is a blue car...

Once we left the mall and got back to Florence (it took us almost 2 hours to get back, and we saw about a dozen wrecks on I-20), I took even more pics.

This is my car. It's white and it's snowy. I was surprised I could even see it. You'd think the snow would be a natural camoflauge, right?

Winter Wonderland!

My boyfriend wrote this in this snow on his car. Just for me :).

Attempting a Snowman.

This was our finished product. After working on this fella for awhile, we just decided it would be more fun to throw snow at each other.

Me with the boyfriend!

Another snow pic. Someone should write a "Snowmen for Dummies" book and ship a few copies down to the snow-deprived South!

After this, Clay and I dried off, changed clothes, and he cooked some wonderful peanut butter and chocolate chip pancakes (I love having a boyfriend who loves to cook).  Later that afternoon, he took a nap and I worked out.  I lifted weights, but I couldn’t resist running… so I ran, just to say that I ran on a snowy day.  Granted I ran less than a mile, but now I can say I did it!

Soccer Field Snowman- apparently someone who works at this gym knows how to do it right!

So… basically it was a pretty awesome way to celebrate Valentine’s weekend.  After all, what says awesome like a random road trip with your best bud on Friday, and throwing snow in your significant other’s face on Saturday?

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4 Responses to It snowed in SC on February 12, 2010 and I ran around in it!

  1. Rebecca says:

    Awww, the pics were lovely.

    Haha. You guys didn’t get that much snow, yet the CVS pharmacy still mentioned bread and milk on their sign. haha.

    It looks like you got enough snow for pictures though, and that’s always good.


    I like what Clay wrote on your car. How sweet!

    Oh, I’m sure you look fine when you’re working. I tend to slouch a lot, and Jen is sitting nice and tall there. haha. maybe I should practice sitting up straight more. 🙂

    Have a good one!

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