212 Degrees

So, one of my former coworkers, the great Lesa Hudson, shared this the other day.  Lesa worked here for 14 years and is a really great coworker and person.  I watched the video the day after she sent it, and then watched it again this week.

Everyone needs to watch it- I know I need to give that extra bit of effort, that extra ‘degree’,  sometimes (err… a lot).  It inspired me, so I hope you find it inspiring, too!

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One Response to 212 Degrees

  1. Rebecca says:

    WoW!! This was very inspiring! And I’m glad that I watched it tonight since classes begin tomorrow.

    Oh, and I LOVED what it said about perserverance not being one long race, but rather many short ones. So true! Because I’ve always thought the opposite. I’ve always thought that perserverance was one loooong challenge you work toward (and it can be), but I like thinking it more of short difficult challenges and not giving up, no matter how many you’ve had.

    Well, thanks Amy, for posting this. I loved it! 😀

    Oh, and thanks for the comment you left in my blog entry. Yeah, I guess it’s normal for every writer to feel insecurity. Well, better than being conceited, right? 🙂

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