Workouts: Jan 3 – 9

Again, like the first Workouts blog, this is mainly for me to keep track of what I’m doing to get ready for the Polar Bear 5k and eventually a 10k.  I’m doing this to be healthy, not to lose weight (I don’t want to blow away!).

Sunday: Strength training (upper body)

Monday: 3.6 mile run.  It was 36-37 degrees outside and the song “Summertime’ by NKOTB came on my ipod.  How ironic :).  I wore a hoodie, under armor shirt, and track pants… plus of course my headband, thick socks, and gloves.  I was actually HOT in all that.

Tuesday: Strength training (lower body).  I did this on my lunch break, and I remembered that I had a meeting at 2, so I had to skip one set of leg presses, one set of back extensions, and two sets of glutes but I’ll make those up later this week.

Wednesday: 3 miles- one on the indoor track at the gym and two on the treadmill.  I also made up the weights that I didn’t get to do on Tuesday.  Sinus issues started- bleh.  Started taking nasal spray from the last time I was sick and went to the steam room to clear my head.

Thursday: Pilates + Cardio Fusion class.  My coworker & friend Christina wanted to do pilates, so I said I’d go with her to do it at the gym.  After that class, I saw my friend Bree and we did the Cardio Fusion class (which was really easy that night for some reason).

Friday: Off.  I did register for the 5k, though.  A lot of my coworkers are doing it, so it should be pretty fun.

Saturday: Ran 3.4 miles on the treadmill.  I’m not running outside until my sinus infection is fully cleared up (which probably won’t happen until it warms up, anyway).

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One Response to Workouts: Jan 3 – 9

  1. casteroc says:

    Hi Amy,

    Nice blog you have here. One of the automatic links on my blog suggested your page, so I thought I’d drop by and comment.

    I just decided to give blogging a try, and I’m currently writing about my physical and mental preparations for a possible career as an officer in the Army. I like your discipline!

    Good luck!

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