Workouts Dec 27 – Jan 2

In this blog, I’m keeping track of my workouts and my progress before the Polar Bear 5k run on Jan. 23.  Don’t feel like you have to read (but you’re welcome to).  I figured this would help me be accountable because it’ll come up on someone’s Google Reader and if I’m slacking, they’ll see it.  I keep track of everything in the system at the gym but no one can see that but me so yeah.

My disclaimer is that this is not the first time I’ve ever ran or the first time I’ve ever ran a 5k.  I currently work out 5-6 days a week regardless, but usually not running so much (I do the fitness/aerobics classes).  I’m just trying to get used to running in this weather so that I don’t embarrass myself.

Sunday: 3.5 mile run on rail trail (temp. in low 50s, not bad… really a great day to run).

Monday: Strength training (upper body).

Tuesday: 3 mile run on treadmill (it was like 9:00 at night, so obviously I wasn’t going to run outside, especially not in Florence).  Walked on incline about .75 of a mile too.

Wednesday: Strength training (lower body/legs).

Thursday: 14 minutes elliptical, 30 miles bike at the gym.

Friday: Off.  Gym was closed and Clay’s grandparents came to visit that afternoon.

Saturday: 3.5 mile run outside at McLeod track.  Temps in low 40s, very windy- but I’m trying to get acclimated to the cold (or at least what those of us in SC consider cold).  This went well, besides having to stop and blow my nose constantly!

That’s it for this week.  Will post next week as well.  If anyone has any tips or wants to join in on the running, just leave a comment.  I’m planning to run Monday/Wednesday/Friday this week, as I have a networking even on Thursday and smelling like rail trail is usually a bad idea when networking.

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One Response to Workouts Dec 27 – Jan 2

  1. Rebecca says:

    Hey. That is a very good idea keeping track of your workouts and training & preparing for the Polar Bear 5K run. I’m so glad that you’re not doing the Polar Bear swim. That’s up here in Ohio, and that’s where people put on as less as possible and go into the cold, cold water. Can we say…I want to be hospitalized?

    So…thank you for going on this run instead. 🙂

    That’s good that you took a day off. When I exercised at Evangel, I usually took Sundays off, and Saturdays too sometimes.

    Thanks for the encouragement on my goals in my blog! Yeah, I’m not sure why the title hasn’t switched over on links. Hmmm. Maybe it takes a few days for the title to change. Haha.

    Have a good one!

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