No Day But Today

There’ only Now
There’s Only Here
Give in To Love
Or live in Fear
No Other Path
No Other Way
No Day But Today

Happy New Year, everyone!  I celebrated last night by going out to Golden Dragon for some Chinese with my boyfriend, then watching movies and of course, watching the New Year’s Eve countdown (you know, the one where the big ball drops- except I never actually saw a ball drop- I just saw couples kissing at midnight, and only one of those couples was Clay and me).

Then today we went out to eat at Percy and Willie’s with his grandparents.  They’re the only grandparents either of us have left now, so we have to cherish our times with them.  It was fun, even if Percy and Willie’s isn’t my first choice of places to eat (most all of the good restaurants were closed in honor of Jan 1).

So yeah, a new year is full of traditions, such as kissing when the clock strikes midnight.  But… I don’t make resolutions.

I don’t understand the point of a new year’s resolution.  Each year, people resolve to lose weight, get out of debt, spend less, get a better job (or get a job- good luck with that), eat healthier, exercise, stop smoking, stand up for themselves more… you name it, someone resolves to do it.  Not me.

Back in college, a few friends and I went to see the movie/musical “Rent” when it played on campus because it was free, many of us didn’t have cars, and of course, there’s not a lot to do at FMU on weekends.  One of the songs and themes of Rent was “No Day but Today”.

And so I wonder… how many of those who resolve to lose weight or be healthy pigged out over the holidays?  How many of those who resolve to get out of debt, spend less, or focus less on material things stood in the cold (or sat in their computer chair ready to click “Add to Cart”) on Black Friday morning, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars?

Okay, so maybe I’m a little biased.  After all, I made sure to get burnt out on group fitness classes in December.  I know that  in January, everyone and their mom would decide to go Zumba-ing on Monday night.  By February I’ll be in the mood to dance again and will go back when the ‘resolutioners’ clear out, but I’ll be glad that they signed those one-year contracts so that my gym can contol to offer awesome fitness classes and equipment.

It just gets me… why wait until January 1st to change your life?  Don’t wait and put on extra debt or gain extra weight or let people walk all over you another day.  By putting off what’s important to you- you’re letting other forces have control over your life and your situations.  Don’t make resolutions- set goals.  And since life’s a journey, not a destination, set tougher goals when you reach your initial goals.  When you get motivated in one area of your life, you’ll gradually get motivated in other areas too.  Sometimes you have to look out for number one because in real life, no one else will (and if you have someone in your life who will, be thankful because you’re lucky).

If you know you need to make changes and set goals… DO IT!  There’s no day but today…. even if today is January 1st.

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2 Responses to No Day But Today

  1. Erica says:

    I definitely agree about the New Years resolutions.. I kind of feel the same way about showing love just because it’s Valentine’s Day.. why not show love, or try to achieve your goals, no matter what day it is?

  2. Rebecca says:

    Yeah, my parents don’t really believe in new years resolutions. My dad thinks it’s silly to “start over” on January 1st. He thinks that starting over should not be set on the beginning of the year.

    Me?…well, I don’t have an exact opinion on resolutions, but I do believe the person needs to do what they feel, or to make changes the moment they feel something isn’t right. I don’t think it’s wise to wait until January 1st to start over when one knows back in July that they needed to change. Of course, I don’t really like to refer to my fix-ups as resolutions, but rather just goals. 🙂

    I mean, I will admit…I was a mess last year at this time. My love of the college I was at had been decreasing by the second (even in the fall!), I was in a relationship with a guy I wasn’t attracted to and I still got close to him and let his family walk over me, and my yeast infection had begun New Years (the day after, actually) and lasted for six months. The truth is, I had the chance to make changes then, but I didn’t. 😦
    I just remained miserable for a huge amount of the year.

    But…it doesn’t matter anymore. That’s all in the past, and I am in a MUCH better position now!! 🙂
    I transferred to a new college in the fall, I am single (which is best for me right now!), and when I feel a female problem coming, I try my best to nip it in the bud and get it rid of naturally. Of course, I can’t take the credit for this…God led me the whole way, and he is the one who made it all possible! If it wasn’t for him, I’d probably be letting my spirit rot in Missouri again. It felt like I was emotionally and spiritually dead last year, and that God brought me back to life. 🙂

    *peaceful sigh*

    I do agree with you though…and I haven’t made any goals for 2010 yet, but I would like to. 🙂 My main goal last year was just to get through each day…and I did. 🙂

    Well, I probably broke the record for longest blog response!

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