Looking Forward to Looking Back: 2009

So, the new year will be here in just 2 more days.  2010- here we come!  Although I’m still wondering what will happen with the New Year’s glasses.  You know, the ones that are for a new year, say, 2009, and the two zeros are the openings for your eyes?  Yeah, I guess those glasses are going out with this decade.  Oh well.

2009 has been a really awesome year.  Sure, not every moment of the year was positive, but it was SO much better than 2008 for me (we won’t even go there).  I’ve compiled a list of memorable moments from 2009, so here goes.  I remember more from the end of the year, of course, and I’ve linked to the blogs when I could.

  • In January, Clay and I went to North Carolina to visit his grandparents.  Since we’re from the land of basketball, bbq, and humidity, they took us to a ski resort so that we could see snow and play in it.  That next week, it snowed for real in Florence, and then it snowed again later that winter.  The funny thing was that while visiting them in the mountains, it didn’t snow at all.
  • In February or either March, I started going to Revolution Church.  It’s a startup church that I learned about through my coworker, Chris Reeder (who is conveniently the pastor of the church).   Before, I hadn’t really been going to church that much because most of the churches I’d visited in Florence just didn’t fit right… but this one did.  It also helps that the dress code is “Must wear something” and no one stares at visitors or makes them stand up in the service (which I never understood- does public embarrassment leave a good taste in anyone’s mouth when it comes to a church?).
  • In the spring, I played softball for my company team.  Actually, I just cheered a lot for everyone, got walks all the time since I’m so tiny, and showed up so that we’d have the 5 girl quota, haha.  I doubt I’ll ever play again, but I met some cool people playing softball.  I’d never actually played before, not even as a child, and several people told me that they really admired that I would go out there and even try at 23.
  • I joined McLeod Health and Fitness center because my friend Christina joined and my company offered a discount.  I was going to a gym before but I like McLeod the best because of all the cool classes and I have made a lot of friends there.
  • I spent my Independence Day at my family’s river house with my wonderful family and my wonderful boyfriend.

  • Clay and I went to North Carolina to visit his grandparents again, but this time we went boating on the lake.
  • Clay and I started planning our first vacation- a cruise to the Bahamas, Grand Turk, and Half Moon Cay on the Carnival Destiny!  The cruise was his idea, so I guess we can blame him for my addiction to cruises now, haha.

  • I got promoted to a Technical Writer II at ACS Technologies.   I also celebrated my one year anniversary there in October.  I’m so glad to be working for the best employer in the Pee Dee :).
  • I celebrated my 24th birthday on our Bahamas cruise and my fun tablemate gave me a Ship on a Stick.

  • For Halloween, I volunteered at the Halloween/Fall carnival that my church had, and I also went to a haunted house and corn maze with a bunch of friends.

  • I celebrated Thanksgiving with Clay and his family, and we went Black Friday shopping the next day.
  • My grandma got an infection at her nursing home and had to go to the hospital here in Florence.  They did surgery to remove the infection, and I went to Winston-Salem for a business trip a day or so later.  Little did I know, the Sunday when I saw her (before going to W-S), would be the last time we’d have a conversation.  That next week, she continued to get worse and her body started shutting down.  She was moved to McLeod Hospice House and passed away on 12-17-09.  As hard as it was, being the holiday season, she was ready to be with Jesus.
  • I celebrated Christmas with Clay’s family at their home, and I celebrated with my own family the next day in Hemingway.

I don’t normally make New Year’s Resolutions, especially not after I just posted my 13 things to do before I turn 30.  But, I hope that 2010 will be a year of hope, new beginnings, and lots of awesome memories for my family, friends, and random blog readers.  Happy 2010!

Happy New Year

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One Response to Looking Forward to Looking Back: 2009

  1. Rebecca says:

    Wonderful, wonderful entry! I’m glad to hear that this was an awesome year for you! Oh yeah, negative things happen, and unfortunately negative things dominated the first half of my year, the second half of it improved, which I’m very thankful for. 🙂

    I love the pics!! It looks like you had a lot of fun memories.

    Hey, I finally found out how to get a link to your blog in my blog. Now, I can just click on your link instead of search for it, and it even tells me how often you update. 🙂

    Happy New Year!

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