13 things to do before I’m 30

I’ve been inspired by Becca’s blog and the Lifetime movie she watched, so I’m going to do this too.  Fortunately for Becca, she is turning 22 next week and therefore has more time to accomplish 30 goals before she turns 30.  On the other hand, I’m 24 and not getting any younger (even though I do look much younger).

So, in spite of the age difference, I’ve come up with some goals to accomplish as well.  I’ve always had a lot of goals and set my standards high (and usually achieved- if you know me, I am a really big overachiever), and I’ve always heard that the best way to actually reach your goals is to write them down.  So, here goes:

1.) Research my family tree & genealogy.  Or at least get a better sense of where I come from (besides Scotland.  I know my last name says a lot, but seriously).  I feel like I missed out on a lot of this by not talking to my grandma about it before she passed away.

2.) Train for and run a 10k in an actual race (i.e., not just run 10k one day at the trail).  On a side note, I plan to wear a t-shirt from my church in the race, just like I did in the Camp Rae 5k.  This will let me shamelessly advertise Revolution Church to everyone who passes me who I pass.

3.) Go on a mother-daughter cruise with my mom.  Preferably a Carnival cruise with the blogging cruise director John Heald. But, any cruise with my mom will do, as long as it’s something more than a ride on the pontoon at Black River and NOT on the Myrtle Beach gambling boat (that’s not a real cruise!).

4.) Own a home.  Oh, and actually establish credit.  That would greatly help.

5.) Donate blood.  I may also need to add “Gain a little over 10 pounds” to this list.  If I still do not meet the weight requirements by age 30, I’ll modify this goal to include volunteering with the Red Cross ;).  Which brings me to my next goal…

6.) Do a big volunteer project.  Sure, I do things like Adopt-a-Highway.  I’ve spoken to student groups at FMU.  I also helped out with Relay for Life when I worked at my previous job.  But, I’d like to do something that is more than a day or a few days out of the year.

7.) Visit the West Coast.  I’ve heard it’s a lot more laid back than the East Coast, but I don’t think those people were talking about the South…

8.) Learn how to cook- at least a few dishes.  I can’t cook *anything*.  Back in college, I burnt pop-tarts and set off the alarms in my apartments.  Even now, I can only do a few very simple things and stuff that comes from boxes.

9.) Take a random road trip to another state.  AT LEAST another state.

10.) Take a random road trip to a local place/attraction/museum/person that I haven’t visited.

11.) Mentor someone.

12.) Write letters or a journal to my future children (notice I didn’t list “have children” in the things I want to do before age 30).  This goes along with #1- I want them to know more about where they came from too.

13.) Conquer that evil software documentation monster!  I’m convinced it lives in that dark little room near the breakroom at work.  No one ever goes in there, and that must be why…

Who’s with me?

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10 Responses to 13 things to do before I’m 30

  1. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for mentioning me in your blog! It means a lot. 🙂

    I love your list!! It’s very ambitious, and I believe you can make those goals happen.

    I wish you very well with trying to donate blood. I’ve donated 4x now, and I do feel queasy when I do, but they always remind me that it saves 3 lives. So, I hope you can meet the weight requirement. I would like to donate for Christmas someday. 🙂

    Yes, I would like to visit the West Coast, too. The farthest I’ve been out west so far is Colorado.

    I need to build credit, too. The only credit card I have is for Old Navy, yet I don’t shop there much, and I paid the one bill I owed on it. I have no credit now. 😛

    Ooo…running! That’s neat. I like to run as well, but I’m so out of shape, and I can only run every other lap, or every few laps. Maybe someday, I will be in shape.

    Once again, your list is amazing!

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