Of prayers, pies and (trash) pick ups…

Hello everyone!  Two blogs in one week- that’s good right, hehe?

Well, we have had a ton of stuff going on at work lately, and I wanted to write a blog about it and post some pics.  On Thursday, we had a floor Thanksgiving dinner, which was totally awesome!  I ate so much food that I didn’t want to eat anything for a long time… like, breakfast on Friday!  We have lots of good cooks in Research & Development, as we had vegetarian chili, macaroni and cheese, pasta salads, home cooked vegetables, cornbread stuffing, and lots of other stuff (including your typical Thanksgiving fare of turkey).  We also had an entire table full of desserts and appetizers, so needless to say we ate the entire day.

Another awesome thing was that before we ate the food, one of the managers who is also a minister said grace before the dinner.  Our company develops and supports software that is primarily used by churches and faith-based organizations and schools, but it still makes me smile whenever someone there can say a prayer publicly without fear of a pink slip and white box within the hour, because that’s the way it would be at many other companies.  It makes me thankful to work there, and it says a lot about ACS Technologies.

After we ate, we had a fundraiser/contest to throw pies in people’s faces.  Basically, for the week before the dinner you put money in a person’s box, and whoever had the most money got pied in the face.  The proceeds went to the local food bank.

Today (Friday), we had another service project at work, Adopt-a-Highway.  Adopt-a-Highway gives ACSers a chance to know what it feels like to be part of the ‘chain gang’ without having to get arrested and see your picture on the dreaded “Florence County Bookings” web site.  So, about 15 employees (including myself) sported the latest fashion trend of orange safety vests and fall’s most popular accessory, a trash pick-up stick, and cleaned up the road outside of the company.  It only took about an hour of our time, and many panicky moments thinking crazy South Carolina drivers are intentionally trying to hit you, but believe me- the road looks a LOT better.  You could hear Mother Earth saying thank you.  Seriously.  Okay, so maybe that was our Vice President, but STILL…

Plus, you never know what kind of interesting treasures you might find doing Adopt-a-Highway (and I don’t mean things like dead bodies- that only happens in the movies).  Susan, Christina, and I found a couch on our side of the road (yeah… kinda hard to put that in the trash bag, so hopefully someone will come pick that up in a few days).  Dixon found a purse, but it wasn’t exactly his style, and one man found a credit card.  Here’s to hoping that person noticed the card missing and deactivated that!  It was a good way to spend a sunny Friday afternoon and nice to get out of our gray-walled cubicles to do something good and beautify the earth.

So, that’s basically it for my work week.  Of course, I’m leaving out the parts about wanting to pull out my hair from writing dorkumentation and doing lots of “manual” labor (haha, corny technical writer jokes), but you don’t want to hear that anyway, do you?  We work hard, but we play hard too, and we give back… and that’s how it should be :).


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4 Responses to Of prayers, pies and (trash) pick ups…

  1. Rebecca says:

    I love the food pics!! Mmmmm. I would have eaten a lot, too. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving, especially this year because I get to go home!! ❤ I'm sure you remember from kiwibox days that I mentioned how my family celebrates on Black Friday with everyone's schedules. It'm excited. I'm planning on hanging out with some high school friends on Wednesday.

    It's always nice to hear grace or public prayer. I remember when I was in 11th grade, I went to a reception recognition at school one evening, and a teacher opened up in prayer, and it was really moving. He was old-fashioned and said, "thee," "thou," "thine," and older terms like that. It annoyed some of the students, but I thought it was beautiful. ❤

    Good job on the adopt-a-highway project! I've never done litter clean-up, but maybe I should look into it. I hear it's very rewarding.

    Have a good one!

  2. Erica says:

    Have a happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. ilytoo says:

    Your company sounds really amazing, and it sounds like you had a wonderful time at all those of those events for your job.

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