Busy Busy Busy…

Hello everyone!  I hate that I haven’t written in awhile, because I promised more pics and info from the cruise, so I’ll write a little about that in this blog too- especially since I’m already thinking about where I want to cruise to next, it’s so addicting.  I’ve been really busy at work lately because we have a software update coming out next week, and it’s a ton of work.  Seriously, the next time I download something, I’m probably going to gasp in awe about how much work probably went into it.  At least, if it’s a good product like the ones that we develop :).

In addition, at our team meeting on Tuesday, they mentioned that we might get some overtime before the holidays because we’re helping other departments with certain projects, which I’m really excited about.  I mean really, close to the holidays is the perfect time for some extra holiday spending money to make my Christmas that much merrier, right?  And when you work for an AWESOME company with AWESOME people, working extra hours doesn’t feel like such a big deal.

Anyway, now for the pictures…

This is from the Breast Cancer walk on the last day of the cruise. Yeah, this is everyone who did it, except for the guy who took the pic. It was on a port day in the Bahamas, so not very many people were on the ship to walk. It was a nice walking around the ship for a good cause though :).

This is Clay and Brandon on the last night, being goofy. They ordered SOOO much food because they figured out on about the 2nd night, that you can order as much as you'd like in the dining room. They basically set it up like a buffet and sampled each others and they ate it ALL... craziness!

I took this picture of the ship in Half Moon Cay... I like how it shows the fun of that island along with the ship.

Anyway, since I came back, I’ve had some of my friends and coworkers ask different questions about my cruise and vacation.  My best friend has been thinking about going on a cruise with her mom for some time, and I think she wants to go on the same ship and same cruise that I did (maybe Carnival needs to give me some kind of referral discount, hint hint).  Two of the awesome people we met on the cruise, Alex and Becky, are already thinking about their next vacation too, lol.  So yeah, it is addictive.

Seasickness: I didn’t get seasick on the cruise.  Some people did, but I didn’t hear of anyone on our cruise having like, major problems with it.  I brought Seasickness medicine and took it with me, and I only took one pill (that was one night when I was in the shower and could feel the boat rock, and it freaked me out feeling it rock when I was showering).  You can feel the boat rock on the lower decks- we felt it in the dining room.  On the upper decks I never felt anything.  But then when I returned, it was so crazy walking on land and my legs felt funny for like two days.

Food: I thought most of the food was awesome.  The ship didn’t have a steak house, like some do, but I liked the dining room food a lot.  I had a few foods that I didn’t care for but most of those were buffet, and I don’t think it was the food itself, but the fact that I don’t like standing in lines at buffets and eating from them.  Another thing that Clay and I discovered after the first morning is that the dining room serves breakfast, so you can eat in there rather than the buffet so we did that.  I love breakfast food so that was one of my favorite parts.

I didn’t gain any weight on the cruise because I pretty much always took the stairs and I walked a TON.  We were on the 2nd deck, and I took the stairs to the 9th deck to get food and water all the time (yeah, I realize that I have really strong legs from working out and lifting so much, so not everyone can take the stairs everywhere).  I didn’t use the cruise ship’s gym, because I’m always in the gym at home and don’t want to do that on vacation, but it was a very nice gym.

Passports: We got them.  It cost more money, but it gave me peace of mind and I can be anxious.  I would strong advise anyone to get one, because it’s useful if you miss the ship and have to fly back.  And yes, the ship does leave people.  It’s no joke.  Seriously- not a risk you want to take with your vacation.  It didn’t take them long at all to arrive either which was a good thing because we got them like 6 weeks before the cruise.  I believe they came in 2-3 weeks.

Other advice… I packed way too much clothes.  Half the time I wore a swimsuit and t-shirt and so did everyone else (including some folks who really needed to just wear CLOTHES).  Just leave the room in your suitcase for souvenirs and the wonders of “Tax and Duty Free Shopping”.  Also, be sure to take a beach bag for taking off the boat for excursions.  All I had was my bulky carry on and little cinch sack thing that’s only made to hold a pair of tennis shoes or soccer cleats, so I had to buy one.  Take a nice big water bottle or something too and keep it filled up if you’re like me and you drink water constantly because you dehydrate easily since you work out constantly.  Dehydration in hot weather is even worse.

And that’s about it… I’m going to make a cruise scrapbook eventually, hopefully by Christmas so that I can show my parents, Clay’s parents, and our extended families who aren’t on facebook or don’t use computers.  It’s a big scrapbook, leaving me plenty of pages to document even more cruises and fun times with friends and the boyfriend :).

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2 Responses to Busy Busy Busy…

  1. ilytoo says:

    Scrapbooking is a blast, it defintely sounds like your cruise was amazing. I’m so jealous, that would definitely be nice if Carnival gave you a referral discount for your next cruise.

    Do you know where you want to take your next cruise yet?

    That’s awesome about working over time and more money. It sounds like you adore your company, that’s always a good thing :).

  2. Erica says:

    How fun!

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