In review…

Hello everyone.  As you all see, I don’t really have time to blog much except for weekends.  My schedule is always so hectic and crazy.  Between working out, church, those softball games which are almost over (thank goodness), my job, volunteering, and other events and stuff, I’ve been really busy all summer!  Actually, on Tuesday of this week, I went to the gym after work and came straight home, and it was sooo nice.  I was home at like 6:00!  And best of all I wasn’t stopping in to change clothes or shower- I was actually in for the night!

Anyway, last week was okay.  I found out that three of my friends got jobs!  My friend Ashley just got hired at the Florence Civic Center, to do PR/Marketing type work.  Basically she is going to write for and design their publications there.  She’s really happy to leave her job (she works in my old department at my old company so any of you who have known me for at least a year can imagine how her job is) and to move on to something more in her field.  My former coworker (from the same former company, mind you), Leslie, got a job managing the new Goodwill store in town and she’s MUCH happier working there.  And my college friend Jenn just got hired as a math teacher for Algebra 1 CP and Honors in Darlington County.  Jenn got her teaching degree in December and has worked at K-Mart since then (she worked there in college too, but this is her first real post-college job).  So, I’m very happy to hear about my friends and their success getting jobs, especially with the economy these days.

I do ask, though, that you all keep my mom in your prayers.  She went to the doctor a week or so ago and had a mole removed from her neck.  Well, whenever you have something removed, they do a biopsy.  It turns out, the mole was malignant melanoma.  Now, my mom’s physician who removed it says that he got it all and that he’ s pretty sure she’s considered “cured”, but you can’t play around with melanoma.  So, she has to go to an oncologist next week for a consultation and possibly a cosmetic surgeon in case she has to get anymore of the mole removed.  I’m just hoping everything is okay and keeping the faith that it is, although that’s easier said than done.  My mom is pretty much the backbone of my very small family so yeah.  She’s really good about going to the doctor and getting her skin/moles/etc checked out (and other medical tests), so I’m pretty sure it was caught early enough.  But please pray for her, if you pray.

Besides that being on my mind, my weekend was pretty good.  Clay and I went to a Florence Phantoms game on Saturday night, so I got to see my coworker and friend Jonathan play indoor football.  Even though they lost the game, Jonathan scored which is mentioned in this article at SC NOW .  Also, Clay’s company gave him skybox tickets so I got to watch the game in the box with food and stuff, so that was really nice too.  We went home and watched the movie Madagascar, it was hiliarious.  Then today, we got up and ate brunch at Shoney’s and then went swimming at his parents’ house.  They have a really great in ground pool and yes, I did wear sunscreen (thinking of my mom here).  I got a pretty sweet tan anyway, because I have good skin that tans easily.  But unfortunately Clay wears SPF 50 and still gets a little burnt.  His friend joked that Ireland was going to come take him back over.  I do love my boyfriend though, including his pale skin.  He can kick most tan guys’ butts anyway!

Anyway, to those of you reading, please keep reading.  I’m thinking of some subjects to blog about, so I’ll have more blogs in the coming weeks.  Of course, I’ll also keep everyone updated on my mom and other happenings with my friends, boyfriend, and family.  Hope everyone has a great week!

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One Response to In review…

  1. Tiffany says:

    Im glad things are going well for you and im so happy for jenn landing her teaching job yay. ill def keep ur mom in my prayers.

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