If I wanted all this rain, I’d move to Seattle. At least there, I’d get good coffee along with it.

Hello everyone! I promised another entry, so I’m going to deliver. This week has been pretty busy and hectic though, slightly depressing, and the weather has been CRAPPY. Seriously- if I wanted to deal with rain all the time, I would move to Seattle. Plus there I could get some good coffee as well.

Anyway, we ended up winning the first two softball games this week, the first game was won by default (other team’s people didn’t show up because they thought it was rained out and it wasn’t), and the second game on Tuesday night, we won 6-5. We only have one loss on our record because the game that we thought we would have to forfeit got rescheduled. Hopefully we’ll be the first place finishers and have another trophy in the breakroom, lol. The last game of the week on Thursday night was rained out, though. Funny thing was that it was a game that we were supposed to MAKE UP due to rain. How weird is that?

So, official softball totals for the week:

Mon: Win (opponent forfeit)

Tues: Win (6-5)

Thurs: Rain out

Besides that, it has been kind of a depressing week at work.  Two of my coworkers had a parent pass away this week, which was pretty sad. So do keep Carol & Jim’s family in your prayers, as well as Tom & Denise’s family. It’s pretty depressing, but both of them had lived really long and fulfilling lives and were ready to be with God, and their family members did get to see them before they passed away too. Then today was the last day of work for one of the guys in Support, Brian. He’s in the military and got called up to go to Afghanistan, so a lot of us went over there to say goodbye to him and wish him good luck and stuff. I only got to know him recently but he was a really nice guy. He has some kids too, and don’t forget to pray for him for those of you who pray.

I’m going to the gym a lot. You get points each time you go and work out and once you get 15,000 points, you get a t-shirt. That sounds like a lot but I’ve already gotten over 1,5000 in five days of going, so in a little over a month I could have a shirt if I keep going 5-6 days a week.  I haven’t even been able to stay as long as I’ve wanted to this week due to softball so when that’s over I can go more. It’s not so much about the shirt as it is me just wanting to get it  really quickly and get a ton of points, lol.  Plus even at the last gym where I was a member I went a lot; I just like going to the gym and working out.

Anyway, that’s about it for now. Alicia and I are going out tonight to hang out and listen to music and stuff. I’m looking forward to it because it’s something to do on a Friday night which I don’t really have much to do on Friday nights anymore. Besides that, I might go yard sale-ing in the morning and maybe go back to the gym too before I go to my parents’ house on Saturday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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