Hello everyone!  I’m back again for another update about my week/weekend.  It’s been pretty good so far, I guess.

So, last week it rained a lot.  Basically, our weather has been crazy and the rain clouds are such a tease.  It’s sunny one minute, and 15 minutes later, it will be raining.  Then, sometimes it’ll rain, but a mile or two down the road, it will be completely dry.  The other night, the softball game got rained out.  I live about 2 miles from that field, and there was no rain at my apartment.  Of course, they waited until less than two hours before game time to say that the game was rained out… and as all the ACSers were pulling into the parking lot, they told everyone the game was rained out and rescheduled for Thursday.  Two people on the team had actually delayed going to the company convention in Jacksonville until that night so they could stay and play in this game, and we wouldn’t have to forfeit.  I suck at softball, and I was mad about it.  If I get dressed and drive up there, I want to play, keep score, cheer, or SOMETHING (preferably keep score and cheer, because I really stink at softball.  Not have to drive right back home.

My friend Christina and I signed up to go to McLeod Fitness Center’s gym the other day.  It comes right out of our paychecks so it’s a bill I don’t have to worry about paying.  That’s a NICE gym too.  They have tons of equipment with personal viewing screens and it looks like a lot of fun.  They also have a lot of classes.  My membership begins tomorrow so I really look forward to going.  I already have my eye on an Abs class tomorrow =).

Yesterday, I helped Clay move stuff to Hartsville.  He’s moving in there with his grandpa to help take care of him (and live rent free for a while), and hopefully in the future Clay will be able to buy that house (*crosses fingers because I like that house*).  Then, Alicia and I went to see the movie Up!, it’s a new cartoon movie from Disney/Pixar.  It was a fun movie but very depressing in the beginning.  I liked it overall, but it’s sad when someone dies so soon in a Disney movie.  I won’t spoil the rest of the movie for you all though.  It really is a good movie, but I guess that’s what people expect from Disney, especially with summer movies.  We saw it at the Julia 4 Cinemas, which is the reasonably priced theatre in town.  You can see a movie (at night) and buy some concessions for what it costs to just see a movie at another theatre, so I really like going to that one.

Anyway, I have more to write about, but I’ll wait until another blog for all of that .  I need to go off to the dollar store to pick up a few things and a card for someone’s birthday.  Hope everyone has a good week and look for at least one more blog this week.  God Bless!

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