Memorial Day Weekend

Hello everyone! So, this is my second entry, but I guess it’s my first *real* entry, since the last thing I wrote was mostly an introduction.

Anyway, my Memorial Day weekend is coming to a close now, and tomorrow, it’s back to work as usual. Of course, that’s not such a bad thing, because I like my job and a four-day work week is always awesome.

I had a really great weekend, though. On Friday, I got off work early (1/2 day), and went to the IRIX company picnic with Clay. It was held at the Country Club of South Carolina, and we had an awesome time. Granted, there wasn’t really anything I could eat there, but I did lay out at the pool a little- of course all the tan I got was completely gone the next day, but anyway. I also got to see some of the people who Clay works with who I know but only get to see when his company has those get-togethers. The best thing was that they had door prizes at the picnic, and the craziest thing was that BOTH of us won door prizes. Clay won the big prize- a TV- and he’s using it as a second monitor for his computer. I won a new digital camera. I was really happy with my prize (they let me pick from a digital camera, a GPS, or a mystery prize- all of which were gift cards). I was actually planning to buy a new digital camera sometime over the summer, so now that I won this, I can save my money, which is a really great thing because I’ve been trying to save lately.

Here’s a picture of Clay and me with our door prizes:
Picture 198

On Saturday, Clay and I went to Hartsville to look at his grandpa’s house. He’s going to move in there in a few weeks to help take care of his grandpa and live there, and possibly buy the house in the future. It’s a really nice house. It has two really large bedrooms, a small bedroom that could be used as an office, a kitchen, dining room, den, two bathrooms, and a garage that has been converted into a room. Very nice house. We also went to see his grandpa and we ate dinner with his mom, sister, and one of the kids his mom keeps (she keeps kids in her home) that night.

Sunday, Clay and I went to Stefano’s for lunch- best Italian food ever, and then I went home to see my parents and my grandma. My mom baked some blueberry brownies, which are really awesome, and we ate those and I took a bunch of them back to the apartment with me. We also went grocery shopping and just hung out for awhile, it was nice. Then today, I went to a cookout with a lot of my friends from Revolution Church, and we ate, hung out, and made up care packages for teachers at the local elementary school. The care packages we created to wish them a happy summer and thank them for teaching kids and serving the community. It was really great and nice to have a part in doing something for someone else too. I also took some the blueberry brownies and everyone totally loved them too. My mom is an awesome cook =). Nothing I bake ever turns out that good, lol.

Now, I’m just chilling out at my apartment. I wanted to go for a run, but it looks cloudy and might rain, so I’ll probably just go to the gym later. I need to let the veggie burger that I ate at that cookout digest anyway. Along with that, I’m watching the news and also of course, thinking about those in the Armed Forces who sacrificed for our country today. I’ve known a few people who have fought for our country, including young people my age and even younger than me. There’s even a guy named Brian, who was working at my company, who got called up to go overseas for the National Guard recently, so he and his family have been in my thoughts a lot today.

So, I hope everyone has a great weekend and shortened work week. Thanks for reading… I’ll write again this week too!

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3 Responses to Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Chris Reeder says:

    Those Brownies were awesome!!!

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