Chronicles of Cross Training: January 8-14

Happy Monday! The snow is gone, and I logged a few miles this week.

Aside from spending too much money on this injury and too many hours in the gym instead of running, it wasn’t a bad week. I stayed busy with work, traveling to the office on Thursday for meetings and lunch with coworkers.

I had an Active Release Therapy (ART) appointment on Thursday and a sports massage on Friday, where my massage therapist told me I had a knot like a speed bump in my ass. He’s pretty much right, because it’s slowed me down like speed bumps always do.


Monday 30 min. elliptical + 4.1 miles
Tuesday 45 min. spin + 30 min. stair climber + Active Release Therapy
Wednesday 30 min. stair climber + 4.2 miles
Thursday 30 min. stair climber
Friday 5.1 miles + sports massage
Saturday 60 min. elliptical
Sunday 6.3 miles
Total 19.7 miles, $140 on injury treatment

Charleston warmed up on Monday, and the snow melted about as quickly as it fell last Wednesday. By the time I got off work, it was 60 degrees outside, and I ran around my neighborhood in shorts and a t-shirt… with snow on the ground.


Determined to try “going to the gym”, I went to a 5:45 AM spin class after almost no sleep the night before. A lady in the class recognized me and asked if I was still running. I told her not really, that’s why I was at spin. She replied with “Oh, so you’re trying to get back into working out again?”. Um, no. If I could run and train and race, I would not be in a spin class for insomniacs.


I went to my ART appointment Tuesday afternoon and slept REALLY well that night- until 8 AM on Wednesday morning. My streak of “going to the gym” last one day. Oops. I woke up feeling better than I have in weeks, so it was worth it.

That night, I ran a few miles while my friends did track workouts. Running easy miles around the track is boring, but I’m glad I got to be with my friends and be in the pre-track picture.


Thursday was super busy with traveling for work and work meetings. My office is a two-hour drive, but I work from home and only make the drive a few times a year. It was great hanging out with my coworkers and meeting some new coworkers and managers. Four hours of commuting plus work makes for a long day, but I managed to swing by Planet Fitness and log some stairs.

On Friday, I went for a short run before going for a sports massage. I was stiff from sitting so much on Thursday, and the run didn’t feel that great, but five miles is five miles.

On Saturday, I volunteered for The Foot Store at a running event held in my city (I won’t call it a local race). I spent a few hours filling cups of water then handing them out to runners at the Mile 8 aid station. It was cold and windy, and I wore a fleece turtleneck, t-shirt, North Face jacket, and the volunteer shirt… and was still freezing.

We stuck it out for the runners- and the runners were great! So many people thanked us and inspired us. Meridee and Oliver at our aid station are also injured, and while we would do anything to be out there running, we were glad to at least be well enough to help.


Once the runners came through, we cleaned up and packed up our aid station, then I headed to the gym to burn off Meridee’s cookies and thaw out from the cold.

I came home and showered and went to the Charleston Beer Runners after party at Holy City Brewing. Hugs and stories were exchanged, beers were consumed, and pictures were taken.

I got lunch at Holy City Brewing and had a really delicious salad. You wouldn’t think a brewery would have such great food, but now I want to come back for Sunday brunch. I’m not really into beer, so I love it when breweries offer good food.


My friend Eryn who heads up Charleston Beer Runners had the greatest story to tell. She ran the half marathon as a guide for Mark, a runner from Philadelphia who is blind. Mark is a part of a running group called Achilles International which helps differently abled athletes participate in runs, and the group wants to come to Charleston for a destination race next year. Their athletes like running here because our courses are flat and we have warm running weather in the winter. I hope they come back because I’d love to guide an athlete in a race and think it’s inspiring that the athletes don’t let things hold them back.

In true CBR fashion, we took a group picture. And yes, Charlotte ran a marathon dressed as a Southern Belle. She is a maniac and runs each race in a different costume.


On Sunday, I slept in, hung out with friends at Fleet Feet Sports Mt. Pleasant’s recovery party, and went on a 6.3 mile “long run”. That’s not much, but everyone starts somewhere coming back from injuries. I’m confident that one day, today’s long run distance will once again be a daily easy run for me again.

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Wendy for their weekly wrap link. Come join the fun!

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Winter Storm Grayson and Snow in Charleston

Last week, Charleston decided to participate in winter, and we got a record snowfall from Winter Storm Grayson.


Note: The upstate participates every year, but this was the lowcountry’s first time in a while.

The snow started falling on Wednesday around 11 AM and continued throughout the afternoon. Those flakes were big, and I watched it fall while working in my home office. I even gave my coworkers updates by taking pictures from the window.




The snow was pretty on Wednesday, but it stuck around. You see, not only did we have a record snowfall, we also had a week of record low temperatures. The temperature didn’t creep above 40 degrees for the whole first WEEK of 2018.

On Wednesday afternoon, Clay and I bundled up, walked around our neighborhood, and took pictures. It was a winter wonderland.



Most businesses closed early on Wednesday, did not open on Thursday, and a few opened on Friday (mostly late or delayed). By Saturday, most everything was open again, although the roads were still icy- especially non-major roads. The interstates were fine, along with major highways, but we quickly learned that the SCDOT does not consider the road by my subdivision a major road.




SIX inches of snow is laughable in other areas, but very rare in Charleston. Summerville got SEVEN inches. This was the most snow our area has seen since 1989, when I was four (and don’t remember much about it). Our area experiences flooding and hurricanes/tropical storms often, but we don’t have snow plows or salt for roads.

Also, many people in Charleston do not own coats. Hooded sweatshirts are not coats. I have two North Face fleece jackets, which were fine for the small amount I had to be outside in the snow, thankfully. There’s really no use to spend money on coats, let alone winter gear like tights, when you MIGHT get to wear them once a year. The temperatures do drop here, but typically the weather warms back up the next day or two days later.

On Monday, the snow started to melt significantly. We had a high temperature in the 60s, which is closer to normal (our normal high for early January is 56 degrees). I was super excited to get outside and run. We still had snow on the ground, especially in shady areas, so it was super fun running in shorts but with snow on the ground.

It was 57 degrees during my run on Monday, and by Tuesday afternoon, almost all of the snow had melted.


You know 2018 will be an epic year when the town of SUMMERville has the highest snowfall total in the state of South Carolina- but here’s to warmer days ahead!

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