Weekly Rundown: February 13-19

With no runs or workouts, I can’t call this a weekly rundown anymore, but I’m not clever enough to think of a new name.

At this point, my last run was February 9, and my dreams of running the Myrtle Beach Half Marathon are now just that… dreams. After two years of injury free running, I’ve had one half marathon PR, two injuries, and only five solid weeks of training in the last three months. Running has been a roller coaster, and like most roller coasters, the drops are steep.

Forget Run Less Run Faster, Higdon, Hansons, or Pfitz… my new training plan is “Cross train til ya go insane”.


Monday 30 min. Arc Trainer + 30 min stationary bike + ITBS Rehab Routine
Tuesday 60 min. Arc Trainer
Wednesday 60 min. yoga + ITBS Rehab Routine + ankle/heel PT
Thursday 60 min. Arc Trainer + 60 min. BodyPump + ankle/heel PT
Friday 60 min. stationary bike + 30 min. foam rolling class + ankle/heel PT
Saturday 60 min. BodyPump + 60 min. yoga
Sunday 90 min. Arc Trainer + 60 min. BodyFlow + ankle/heel PT

I won’t bore you with cross training discussion. It’s cross training. It’s incredibly lonely, and it’s what injured runners do so they don’t lose too much fitness.


On Tuesday, I went to a podiatrist for my ankle. If you ever have any injuries involving your feet or ankles, I highly recommend a podiatrist over an orthopedist. No one wants to go to any doctor, but when you’re injured, it’s inevitable. My feet were x-rayed from several different angles, and the podiatrist examined them as well as my shoes. I told him the models of shoes I wore, that I was fitted in neutral shoes in 2014 and again in 2016.

After the X-rays and measuring my arches, I learned that my left arch is higher than my right arch- which explains why my knee injury and my ankle injury were both on the left side. My arches are high even for high arches, and the left foot underpronates even more than the right foot. The podiatrist fitted me for custom orthotics in the office and I left with them in my Brooks. My shoes feel much heavier now and I’m sure I’ll notice when I try to run again.

I also left with pain medication, a topical cream, and Flector pads to place on my ankle for pain relief. The podiatrist was super nice and used to run, so he was understanding and wants to get me back out there as soon as possible. He liked hearing about my half marathons.

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I left with answers and medicine, but most of all, I left incredibly grateful for my health. I was the youngest person in the waiting room and the only person without a walking boot, cane, or walker. I was healthy enough to walk from my car to the doctor’s office, walk around the pharmacy while my prescription was being filled, walk up and down the stairs of my home, and exercise. Many patients in the podiatrist office could not do these things.

I don’t ever want to take running for granted, but most of all, I don’t want to take my health and quality of life for granted.

As for now, I’ll keep cross training, soaking my ankle, taking medicine, wearing insoles, and following doctor’s orders until the pain subsides. I don’t have any goal races this year, just enjoying the process of running and training- and keeping the dream alive.

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Weekly Rundown: February 6-12

This week’s mantra: Cross train ‘till ya go insane.

Funny how last week, I considered adding another easy run to my weekly schedule, and this week, I’m hoping I can run the races on my Spring race schedule. For such a repetitive sport, running is truly unpredictable. As always, I’m grateful for every run, even the worst day of running beats the best day of injury or illness. 


Monday 6 miles easy + ITBS Rehab Routine
Tuesday 60 min. barre
Wednesday 2.1 mile test run + 60 min Arc Trainer
Thursday 6.2 miles + ITBS Rehab Routine
Friday 60 min. Arc Trainer + ITBS Rehab Routine
Saturday 60 min. Arc Trainer + 60 min. yoga
Sunday 60 min. Arc Trainer + moving furniture
Total 14.3 miles. Whomp whomp.

On Monday, I woke up feeling congested and tired. I think running into the headwind for 5 miles of Saturday’s long run contributed to this. I did my ITBS PT and went on a 6 mile easy sightseeing run around downtown with some friends. I do love my sightseeing runs and downtown Charleston is a ghost town on Monday nights!

My left ankle hurt a bit after Monday’s easy run, so I proactively took Tuesday off running. I had a stress fracture in my left heel in 2014, so any time something feels off with that ankle, I’m taking the day off. I take a “zero day” from running each week, and after last week’s 49 miles, maybe I needed that day off a little earlier than usual. I went to a barre class that my friend Kelly teaches. Kelly’s always inviting me to barre, so I figured an unplanned day off running was a good time to check it out.

Wednesday, I woke up and ran 2 miles around the neighborhood to test the ankle. It did not feel 100%, so I went to the chiro to have it adjusted and seek advice. He was great and showed me places to roll/massage around my peroneal tendon. It felt better, but I still decided to skip Wednesday night track and cross train on the Arc Trainer instead.


Thursday morning, I broke out a new pair of shoes because my New Balance Zante’s had about 450 miles on them (does anyone else keep extra pairs of shoes in your closet to break out randomly?). The pain got worse over and after my easy 6 miler, so I proactively scheduled an appointment with a podiatrist on Tuesday. It’s hard to get a doctor’s appointment, so when as I think I might need one, I call to get on the list ASAP. If the rest makes the injury go away, I can cancel the appointment. That’s one phone call I’d be thrilled to make…

I headed downtown for Charleston Beer Runners on Thursday night. Everyone (else) ran to Mellow Mushroom Downtown for a big party thrown by Yazoo brewing. Charleston Beer Runners had a huge crowd and Vy and I were trying to peep into the picture from the back.


Yazoo gave out t-shirts to runners, offered specials, and had a pizza eating contest. The contestants tried to eat a small Mellow Mushroom pizza covered in hot sauce in 15 minutes. Two guys accomplished this feat and were handsomely rewarded with prizes and a growler of free beer from Yazoo brewing. It was fun to watch- I tasted one bite of the pizza and it was crazy hot. Plus, those personal pizzas are huge and easily feed two people.



I decided to arc train for the rest of the week, until the ankle feels 100%, or until the doctor says I can run again. I feel like 60 minutes on the Arc Trainer is an equivalent effort to a 60 minute run, so I can keep my cardiovascular fitness up. This machine is no joke and will keep your heart rate elevated much better than the elliptical. Your hamstrings, calves, glutes, and core will feel it.

Here’s to hoping some rest will make my congestion and this ankle “niggle” go away! Have a good week!

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link. Check it out here. I’m also linking up with Courtney of Eat, Pray, Run, DC. You can check those posts out here.

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