Chronicles of Cross Training: May 14-20

It’s Monday morning, and I woke up injured. Last week was another week of not running and a bunch of cross training.


You’d think my injury would be gone by now, the way people preach about how wonderful cross training is. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.


Monday 60 min. Elliptical + 45 min. BodyPump
Tuesday 60 min. Arc Trainer + 60 min. BodyPump
Wednesday 60 min. Elliptical
Thursday 60 min. BodyPump
Friday 30 min. Arc Trainer + 30 min. Stair Climber
Saturday 60 min. BodyPump
Sunday 60 min. Elliptical

On Wednesday, I went to the orthopedist for my MRI follow up. I honestly wasn’t too worried about the follow up because I thought if something was wrong with the MRI, the doctor’s office would call to let me know. Spoiler: I gave them too much credit.

My doctor and I went over the MRI images and he showed me the report, which said:

“Low-grade partial tear at the origin of the right hamstring, measuring 8mm. Underlying edema is present within the adjacent bone.”

Everything else was “unremarkable”. Does anyone else HATE when radiology reports use that word? Medical reports are the only time I’ve ever seen the word “unremarkable”, and I think I’m pretty remarkable!

(Also on a nerdy writer/editor note, “measuring 8mm” is a misplaced modifier that makes it look like my hamstring is 8mm, rather than the tear. I digress; this is why I’m a writer and not a radiologist.)

The current plan of action is to continue therapy with Dr. Bein at The Rehab Docs, since we’re doing feet/ankle/glute/core strengthening and to keep cross training. If things aren’t looking good in two weeks, we’ll plan a PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injection. If a PRP injection does not work- it takes about 6 weeks to see full benefits- surgery would be on the table.


I’ve been dealing with this injury for months. My strengthening exercises are going great and will serve me well when I get back to running, but I’m not so sure this is going to heal without the PRP injection.

I didn’t schedule a follow up before leaving the office, and when I called the next day, I was told my doctor’s next available appointment would be mid-July. I asked if they could work me in, in two weeks, and the receptionist told me she would ask about working me in and get back to me on Monday if they could work me in.

Ten minutes later and after talking to a friend whose a family medicine doctor, I called another orthopedist’s office. This orthopedist’s office happened to have appointments available as early as Monday (today). This doctor could SEE ME before I would even find out my current ortho could work me in in 2-3 weeks.

While we have great medical care in Charleston, I’m extremely frustrated in the system. Yes, this injury has dragged on due to the lack of blood supply to my proximal hamstring, but also having to wait for weeks to get an initial appointment with the ortho, over a week for the MRI, then two weeks to get the results of that MRI.

Who knows how long I ran on a partially torn hamstring? Sure I ran easy, I ran reduced mileage, and I didn’t run when the discomfort level was over a 3- but if I’d known there was a tear weeks or months ago, I would’ve stopped running sooner.

Getting a second opinion isn’t from lack of trust in my current doctor. He’s an orthopedist and I’m a technical writer, so he knows what he’s doing- I just don’t like waiting weeks and possibly months for an appointment. Plus, since PRP is an experimental treatment, not covered by insurance, and surgery would be the next step if it doesn’t work, it’s worth the copay and peace of mind for me to get a second opinion.

I see the new orthopedist on Wednesday. His office already has the digital MRI images for the doctor to look at, and I have the new patient paperwork filled out. Here we go.

I’m linking up with Holly, Wendy, and Courtney for their weekly wraps. Come join the fun!

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Chronicles of Cross Training: May 7-13

It’s Monday and you know the drill. As I mentioned in last week’s recap, I’m on a running hiatus while I work through my injury issues. This was Week #2 of the “Cross Train Till I Go Insane” plan.

I went to Fleet Feet Mt. Pleasant and got a new pair of running shoes- the Hoka Clifton. The only running I did was running across the sports chiropractor’s office a few times in them (he was the one who suggested I try a rocker bottom shoe), but he seemed to think they’d help my gait issues. A lot of runners with limited big toe flexibility seem to swear by Hokas, so maybe they’ll work for me.


If nothing else, my friends won’t have to lean down as far to take pictures with me.


Monday 65 min. Elliptical + 45 min. BodyPump + 30 min. BodyFlow
Tuesday 60 min. Elliptical
Wednesday 60 min. BodyPump + 60 min. Arc Trainer
Thursday 60 min. Elliptical
Friday 60 min. Arc Trainer
Saturday 60 min. BodyPump
Sunday 60 min. Arc Trainer

Even though I’m not running, I spent a lot of time with friends this week. On Wednesday night, I attended the Yelp Celebrates National Foodie Day pizza party at Famulari’s Brewpub on James Island. I sampled a few pizzas and beers- it was a pizza and beer pairing- and hung out with Vy, Craig, and some other Charleston Yelp Elites.

I never knew that National Foodie Day was a real thing, but I’m down with any holiday that features pizza and beer. Famulari’s has a great thin-crust pizza and a really nice vanilla latte flavored beer (I’m not even a beer fan, and I liked that one). Shoutout to Victorious Photography for the pics.



On Saturday, I went to the Charleston Greek Festival with Emily and Sean. I love Greek food- and most all ethnic food- so I was excited about the grape leaves, spanakopita, and baklava. Greek Fest also had some fun crafts and items to buy, and I bought two Christmas ornaments. Normally I buy a Christmas ornament for every destination where I travel, but these were cute and the prices were very affordable for a festival.



I also volunteered at this week’s Race the Landing 5K, where I got to add “Official Cinnabon Transporter” to my race volunteer resume. I had to drive 12 boxes of Cinnabons from the West Ashley store to Charles Towne Landing without eating any. Needless to say, my car smelled heavenly. At the race, I volunteered at the finish line handing out water.

When I left the race, every Cinnabon was gone. I had my doubts, especially since we also had an ice cream truck at the race, but the Charleston area runners never let me down when it comes to demolishing 12 boxes of Cinnabon. Thanks Noah Runs Real Estate for the ice cream truck and Todd Miller of Blue Water Cinnabon for the buns.

This week, I have two appointments with the sports chiropractor and one appointment at the orthopedist- the one where I get my MRI results. Last week, a few people have asked if I’ve gotten the results, and no, I haven’t. This isn’t House, M.D.; you don’t get MRI results back after a two minute commercial break and you’re not cured in 60 minutes. Medicine- and insurance- don’t work that way, and wanting to run again and having Kiawah on the schedule in December doesn’t jump me up on the waiting list.

I hope if something was broken, torn, or growing in my pelvis, my doctor would call to get me in sooner. I guess that’s a positive sign, right?

I guess I’ll find out for certain on Wednesday.

I’m linking up with Holly, Wendy, and Courtney for their weekly wraps. Come join the fun!

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