Weekly Rundown: June 19-25

Happy Monday, everyone!

We’ve got nine weeks until Race for the Ark 5K, and this week felt harder. Looking back, I realize it’s because I didn’t treadmill any. It’s amazing how different a weekly mileage number feels when some of them are “treadmiles” compared to all outdoor running in the heat and humidity. The weather cooperated, so why not?

Monday 30 min. strength + 8.8 miles (garages + 12 x 100m)
Tuesday 7.3 miles
Wednesday 30 min. strength + 6.3 miles (including 5 x 1000m)
Thursday No workout (5K volunteering)
Friday 7.8 miles
Saturday 11.1 miles
Sunday 8 miles + 60 min. yoga
Total 49.4 miles

On Monday, Planet Fitness got new machines so everything was in different places. I’m not a fan of the new machines because they don’t fit my body well. Seats don’t go far enough up, things like that. That’s a drawback of ANY weight machine and why I try to use free weights, barbells, and body weight (and because machines don’t work stabilizer muscles) but I’ll miss the hip abduction and glute machines that I liked.

Monday afternoon I did a parking garage run with Steve, Emilie, Dave, and Irene, followed by the 12 x 100m workout from the Road Racing for Serious Runners 5K plan. I was nervous about this workout, but after so many years of tempo runs and long intervals, my body probably needs it to develop a fast gear. I ran up and down a side street beside a park, so people sitting in the swings saw me running back and forth. I hoped they’d cheer for me like I was some kind of Olympian, but it didn’t happen. Oh well.

Wednesday was National Selfie Day and track! We had a few others show up who missed the picture. The rain and storms held off, but it felt like running in a sauna. Summerville always lives up to it’s name.


My workout was 5 x 1000m, again from the plan. The target time was 2-3 seconds per lap slower than goal 5K pace. I did not hit this for the first two intervals, but the last three went a little better.

After failing the first two intervals on Wednesday night and not sleeping well that night, I took Thursday off running but ate like I ran a marathon (as usual, and I don’t run marathons).

That evening, I volunteered at the Daniel Island Happy Hour 5K. The rain held off and it was overcast but muggy. I gave out bibs and shirts to preregistered runners, then took some pictures. Everyone had a safe race and finished smiling and injury free, so it was a big success. I love volunteering- you see a different side of the sport without putting my body through the ringer of racing all the time.


Saturday’s run was brutal. You know how Facebook lets you mark yourself “safe” to show you survived a hurricane, tornado, or other disaster? I needed that for Saturday’s long run.

I started early (7:40 AM) and have run later and in hotter temperatures plenty of times, so I’m not sure why this run felt so much worse. There was a headwind on the bridge, and I had two WTF stops. WTF stands for “Where’s The Finish?” among other phrases, but I stopped to catch my breath during the run. I was jealous of the cyclists on the bridge, longed for a bike to get back to my car faster, and debated walking (I didn’t, because that would be on Strava.

Brutal runs are hard, but I’m proud of my 100% success rate of making it through. Saturday was Clay’s birthday so I picked up a lemon bundtlet from Nothing Bundt Cakes and we went to The Southern General for lunch. It wasn’t a huge birthday bash, but we like low-key.


The Southern General has the BEST sandwiches for a bar, especially the sesame shrimp. Clay said his pork tenderloin with chimcurri sandwich was the best he’d had in a long time.


Sunday’s run went MUCH better than Saturday’s! I ran from Hampton Park with the group, and Emily and I logged a solid eight miles. We proceeded to “recover” with yoga and the Boozie Bingo Brunch at Charleston Sports Pub, where one of her friends won a mimosa carafe for our table- score! Bingo was a lot of fun and I think we’ll do it again soon.


I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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Weekly Rundown: June 12-18

This week marks 10 weeks until Race for the Ark 5K, which kicks off Fall road racing in Charleston. Race for the Ark is held on the last Saturday in August and always hot, but attracts a fast field, large number of runners, and has a great course- which usually means a lot of fast finish times.

After last week’s Big Run 5K, I plugged my race time and pace into a calculator to get training paces for ARK. I would love to break my 5K PR from the Green and Lean 5K in 2016 (20:53), but I would be fine with beating my Race for the Ark 2016 time (21:20). If nothing else, I can enjoy the run and get some ideas for Fall training.

I found a plan in Pete Pfitzinger’s book, Road Racing for Serious Runners, and hope to incorporate some new workouts over the coming weeks. I’m too slow and broke for a coach, but if anyone has any ideas for how a token half marathoner can improve in a 5K, shoot them my way.


Monday 30 min. strength + 8.1 miles
Tuesday 7.5 miles
Wednesday 30 min. strength + 6.5 miles (6 x 600m track)
Thursday 60 min. yoga
Friday 7.8 miles (2 x 15 min. LT intervals)
Saturday 11.1 miles
Sunday 8 miles
Total 49.1 miles

Monday’s weather was quite nice for summer, so I ran the bridge with Steve and Emilie. It was our best bridge run in a long time. Since the weather is getting hotter and the Cooper River Bridge Run was three months ago, the bridge isn’t nearly as crowded in the afternoons which is nice. The bridge is probably my favorite place to run in town, and I never pass up a chance to run it with friends.

On Wednesday, I did a track workout. Our track workout is BYOW (Bring Your Own Workout) but we all try to warm up and cool down together. After our easy mile warm up, I joked that if we were doing the Runner’s World Summer Streak, we could call it a day… but we’re all training for races and triathlons.

For my workout, I ran 6 x 600m intervals. The plan from Road Racing for Serious Runners called for 5 x 600m, but who runs an odd number of intervals? I guess “serious runners” do, but I ran one more and logged some easy miles waiting on the others to finish.


I took Thursday off work and went to Mt. Pleasant to do some shopping and have lunch with Clay. We went to Kairo’s Greek Kitchen, a new restaurant that serves gyros, rice bowls, and salads. I kept hearing people compare it to a “Greek Chipotle”, but aside from the line service, I didn’t get a fast food vibe.

I loved building my salad with four pieces of falafel, various veggies, and red pepper feta. Plus, my salad was served in a real bowl, and Clay’s gyro came on a real plate- not a basket with a wrapper. The prices were reasonable- both of us had a delicious lunch for about $20 total. If you’re in Mt. Pleasant and looking for a quick lunch or dinner, give Kairo’s a try.



Thursday was quite the day of trying new things, and I went a Vin to Yin class at Soul Yoga. We did 30 minutes of vinyasa flow, followed by 30 minutes of yin yoga. I really enjoyed the class format and think it’s a great balance of stretching and restorative poses for runners.

Friday, I did an LT workout on the treadmill. It’s hard to hit lactate threshold pace for extended periods of time in the heat here. The plan called for 2 x 2-mile intervals, so I just opted for 15 minutes, which is slightly over two miles but I figure it takes at least 30 seconds for the treadmill belt to catch up anyway. I had some time to kill after my workout so I went shopping- the joy of when your Planet Fitness is located inside a mall.

Saturday’s long run was hot, but I managed to avoid the rain. Pop-up, scattered showers are life in the lowcountry during the summer. I ran from Mt. Pleasant over the bridge to Charleston and back, and while I was running to/from Charleston, it rained in Mt. Pleasant. The last two miles were pretty muggy from the rain, but my timing was right to not get wet.

Sunday, I ran with OnShore Recreation and ended the run with freeze pops and recovery beverages (orange gatorade + PBR combination). I just wanted to eat all the freeze pops and drink all the water for the rest of the day.


Besides running, yoga was cancelled on Sunday for Father’s Day. Clay and I ended up going to lunch at Firehouse, then making a Costco + Home Depot run (the joys of home ownership). I hope everyone had a great Sunday!

I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link and with Courtney of Eat, Pray, Run, DC.

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