Hurricane Matthew Devastation

I strive to be transparent in the blog, rather than using it as a highlight reel- as social media always is. I was in a life funk all last week.

Our home- and most of the Charleston area- was fine after Hurricane Matthew. However, the Pee Dee area where my family lives and where my job is located were hit especially hard. This was unexpected, as the forecasters predicted that areas west of I-95 would essentially have “a bad  thunderstorm”. I believed that, and so did many others. Yeah right!

My company’s office was closed on Monday, but as a remote employee, I still worked. Whenever the power is on at home, remote employees work, even if the office is closed. I worked especially hard to make sure communication was on point for clients and employees. My company is a great place to work, and I did not mind the extra work. I was fortunate I had power and could work comfortably.

Many of my coworkers, family members, and friends did not have power or water, and several had trees down in their neighborhoods that kept them from going to work when work resumed on Tuesday. Worse yet, a few coworkers homes are not uninhabitable due to flooding from Hurricane Matthew. A tree fell through my uncle’s home, but he can still live there.

I dealt with feelings of helplessness, as my parents and Clay’s parents suffered without power and with damage. Both sets of parents lost power on Saturday, October 8. Clay’s parents got power on Thursday (October 13) and mine got it on Saturday (October 15). Clay’s mom keeps children in her home, and I’m not sure how she managed to keep and entertain children with no electronics or power, but she’s a trooper.

On Thursday, I called my mom to update her on Clay’s PRK eye surgery. My mom and dad worked in the yard all day, then went to the American Red Cross shelter for a hot meal. Even though the green beans weren’t seasoned, she said the meal was good because they were hungry for hot food. At this point, it was Day 6 without power. My mom cried because she had to go to the charity for a hot meal.

As soon as I hung up the phone, I burst into tears. My parents live in Williamsburg County, which was especially hard hit by the storm. Williamsburg County is remote and has far fewer resources and much poverty. The American Red Cross and local churches did a lot for residents there, but the area was certainly forgotten by the press and publicity.

Meanwhile in Charleston, local gyms opened for non-members to take showers. No gyms exist in Williamsburg County, much less one to open for people in my parents’ situation who needed a hot shower (my parents showered at a family members’ home with power).

Posts from Charleston residents complained about shopping at Wal-Mart for supplies because other stores were closed. Walmart is a 2.5 mile run from my home. I can run there faster than my parents can drive to their nearest Walmart. I even saw Facebook posts from people complaining about how a Charleston-area pizza place was closed on Sunday when they wanted pizza. Needless to say, I unfollowed a lot of people on social media last week.

I’m sharing pictures of the damage today. I want others in blog reader land to see how bad it was in the Pee Dee, but I want to be able to look back on how terrible Hurricane Matthew was.

Plus, I want to always remember just how fortunate I am.













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Weekly Rundown: October 10-16

Fall running weather arrived in Charleston this week, so if you’re local, I hope this fueled some new life into your training after the heat and humidity that lingered so long.

If you don’t have a run on the calendar, I highly recommend the James Island Connector Run on October 22. It’s one of my favorite events in the Charleston area, and proceeds benefit the Gavalas Kolanko Foundation, which helps students with disabilities go to college.


When you register for the James Island Connector Run, use the code Scott16 to save $5 on your registration fee. This makes the price only $30, which is a steal for what you get- a race, finisher’s medal, shirt, and free food and beer at the finish.


Monday 9.15 miles including 7 miles HMP + 30 minutes CXWORX
Tuesday 6.35 miles
Wednesday 45 minutes strength + 6.2 miles (track)
Thursday No workout.
Friday 7.5 miles
Saturday 8.2 miles (bridge)
Sunday 16.2 miles + BodyFlow
Total 53.7 miles

Monday workout on the treadmill really wore me out. I ran 7 miles only slightly slower than my 10K pace and decided maybe this training plan isn’t for me and I should just take things day by day, especially when I’m stressed out. I followed up with a 30 minute CXWORX class in the gym, which made me wish my gym offered CXWORX more often and at times I can regularly participate.

Tuesday’s run was slow and involved a lot of debri dodging. I was tired and didn’t want to run, but I got some miles in. I have faith that the miles will pay off and sometimes, the miles you don’t want to do are the ones you need most and the ones that pay off the most.

Wednesday was track/speed night. The football kids weren’t at our track, which made us happy, and we had music from the SHS marching band in the background to entertain us. It was a nice night to run, but the run itself was tough. I don’t think I’d recovered from Monday’s tempo run.

We headed to Montreux after the run for recovery and birthday beverages + food. Montreux is one of my favorite places and they had live music. I love the tacos and sweet potato fries there. Everyone had a great time. I love our track crew and am excited for the Ironman NC triathletes to be coming back once the tri is over this weekend. We have certainly missed them, as they have been busy swimming and riding on Wednesdays.


Friday and Saturday’s runs were good. I ran the bridge on Saturday and it was a beautiful day for it. I saw 3 people wearing shorts over tights on the bridge though. I’m not sure why anyone running in Charleston needs tights. If you’re moving here from a cold weather climate, you should sell your tights to free up space in the moving van and earn some extra cash for a craft beer once you arrive in Charleston.

On Sunday, Melissa and I ran 12 miles on Sawmill Branch. The run even included some obstacle course training because a large tree was in the middle of the path, so we climbed over the tree at Mile 2 and Mile 10. It was built-in cross training.



On our way back down the trail, we spotted Wade and Sarah from Fleet Feet Summerville. The No Boundaries (Couch to 5K) program through the store had their “graduation 5k” on the trail that morning.

The runners were signed up for a 5K last Saturday, but it was postponed due to Hurricane Matthew. Fleet Feet decided to blow up the finishing arch and have a graduation race for the this weekend. We cheered for all the NOBO 5K runners on the trail during the last mile of our own run. The runners were all smiles, and it was symbolic of everyone moving on after Hurricane Matthew. Summerville is lucky to have Fleet Feet!


Once we got back to the Y, I took the rest of my sport beans, Melissa headed out, and I finished up my 16 miler with 4 solo miles. After a crazy week, the long run built my training confidence. I took it easy that afternoon by having brunch with Clay, buying groceries, and going to BodyFlow.

Onward to the James Island Connector Run on Saturday. Have a great week!


I’m linking up with Holly at Hohoruns and Tricia at MississippiPiddlin‘ for their weekly wrap link. Check it out and read the other posts here.

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