Rest Day Brags: Visiting the Athlete Recovery Lab

Since resuming training a few weeks ago, I’ve focused on recovery and preventing reinjury. It seems like the greatest predictor of injuries is being injured in the past. Often runners don’t address the root cause of an injury, fall back into the habits that got them injured, or develop compensation injuries. This because a vicious cycle with what seems like no escape.

My #1 goal as a runner is to remain injury-free and train consistently, above any race distance or time goals. When you can’t stay healthy enough to make it to the race’s starting line, any thoughts of a Boston Qualifier, personal record, or goal time are out of the window.

Last week, I visited the Athlete Recovery Lab, a new business located in Mt. Pleasant. The Athlete Recovery Lab is a full service facility for athlete recovery, injury prevention, and performance needs. It offers stretch therapy, sports massage, kinesio taping, compression therapy, and more.


The lab’s staff features sports physiologist and owner, Jeremy, along with a physical therapist, massage therapist, stretch instructor, and a movement specialist. You can book one-on-one sessions with the professionals, and the lab also has a large self-recovery area with devices from the leading companies in athlete recovery.


After running a 6 x 800m track workout the day before, I tested out the NormaTec Recovery Boots. The Athlete Recovery Lab is one of the only places in South Carolina where you can try out the recovery boots, which are normally seen at marathon or triathlon expos. We’re fortunate to have a recovery resource so close to where we train- the lab is just miles from the Cooper River Bridge.

The NormaTec boots use compressed air to massage your legs, mobilize fluids, and speed recovery. When you put them on, they inflate like the Michelin man, and you feel your legs recovering.


Just like a massage, the boots first compress your legs and then release them, up and down your leg. I felt the massage from my ankles all the way up to my glutes- possibly because I was sitting on the edges of the boots. I asked Jeremy about this, and he said the boots accommodate athletes of all sizes and shapes. The attachments come in a small and large size, so whether you’re  5’0” or 6’4”, you can use them to recover.

I wore the boots for about 45 minutes while relaxing with a magazine and watching the foot traffic on Coleman Blvd. The boots are kind of warm, and I was so relaxed that I almost fell asleep.


The boots attach to a control unit, and NormaTec offers other compression systems for the arms and lower back/hips. Whether you’re a runner or triathlete, or a football player or MMA/BJJ enthusiast, recovery is an important part of your sport. Most athletes have at least two “quality” days per week in their training, and if you can recover from these, you can perform better on race day or in your game or fight.


When I got up, I felt like I had a sports massage. The next day, I ran a 30 minute tempo run that went really well, despite being one of my first tempo runs of the season. I’d like to think the NormaTec boots and my trip to the Athlete Recovery Lab helped me ace the workout.

I encourage you to visit the Athlete Recovery Lab and learn how you can recover from your summer workouts and races. The lab is located at 725 Coleman Blvd in Mt. Pleasant, SC, and open Mon-Fri from 6 AM to 7 PM and 8 AM – 7 PM on Saturday. You can contact them by phone, e-mail, and follow them on social media.

Athlete Recovery Lab

725 Coleman Blvd, Unit 116, Mt. Pleasant SC

(843) 608-9787

Facebook & Instagram

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Weekly Rundown: May 15-21

Happy Monday and congratulations to everyone who raced this weekend. I had several friends place, PR, or BQ- but any day you can run, push yourself, and finish injury-free is a good day, no matter what the clock says.

Summer is here, and it was another hot and humid week. Saturday was my first 100% humidity run this summer, and it was pretty brutal. It’s bad when you take a picture of the dry spot on your shirt to prove you went for a run and not a wet t-shirt contest.


I had another consistent week of training, which is my goal this summer. The only records set in Charleston in the summer are heat index records, not personal records.


Monday 30 min. strength + 6.4 miles
Tuesday 7.6 miles + 60 min. yoga
Wednesday 30 min. strength + 6.3 miles (track)
Thursday No workout.
Friday 7.7 miles with 30 min. HMP tempo (treadmill)
Saturday 8.2 miles
Sunday 10 miles + 60 min. yoga
Total 46.2 miles.

Last week’s fatigue hit on Monday morning. Ouch. I was dragging all morning. That afternoon, I dragged myself to run around Riverland Terrace on James Island with Virginia (Holy City Running), Jason, AJ, Charlotte, Ashley, Alan, and Sandy.


It was a beautiful shaded route, and we went to Maybank Public House for dinner after the run. I ordered a salad with beets and goat cheese and was a fan. Does anyone else crave salads and veggies when it’s hot out?


Tuesday was insanely hot. It was 86 during my run and I felt it. I planned to run 8 miles, but stopped at 7.6. I’m not sure if this is “listening to my body” or wussing out, but I ran by the house and was ready to be done, so I stopped. 7.6 miles and 8 miles still provide the same physiological benefit, I guess.

I went to my usual restorative yoga class that night, then to Frothy Beard Brewery for Skylar’s birthday. We had birthday cake and cookies!

On Wednesday, I ran a track workout with the usual suspects. A few people were missing due to kids school and sports commitments, but everyone who came out got a good run in. I’m glad we had a big crowd because in the heat and humidity, you’re always safer with a group. Plus, we have access to our water every 1/4 mile at the track, which is a huge benefit.


I ran 6 x 800m with 200m jog recovery, in the outer lanes of the track to avoid the sharp left turns that could potentially aggravate my left peroneal tendon. I ran 5 x 800m last week, and the extra interval was no joke. During the last 800m, I told myself it would be the difference between a 20:59 and a 21:01 on the clock in a Fall 5K. Who knows… it may be.

Since I had a tempo run planned for Friday, I took Thursday off. In fact, I took off work as well and had lunch with Clay and did some shopping in Mt. Pleasant. We went out for pizza and it was a fun way to recover.

Saturday’s run was hot, humid, and humbling. I felt terrible after and drank a chocolate milk on the way home, then laid around for the rest of the day. Aside from going to lunch with Clay and a Publix trip, I did nothing but catch up on Netflix. Bojack Horseman, anyone?

Sunday, I ran with the Hampton Park/OnShore group, and Emily and I ran 10 miles. It was warm out, but not quite as humid. We also slowed the pace a bit which helped big time! A slower pace might not get as many Strava likes, but your body gets the same stimulus and adaptations on easy/long runs. Plus, I have to work and do real life after my runs, so I can’t be TOO wiped out.

We went to Starbucks, and I had a light caramel frappucino. Definitely not healthy, but I can’t feel too guilty after running 10 miles.


I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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