Weekly Rundown: August 7-13

Happy Monday everyone! We’re one week from school starting for the kids, two weeks from Race for the Ark 5K, and three weeks from college football. No one knows how far we are from cooler temperatures, but with June, July, and half of August behind us, we have endured more hot weather than we have left.


As far as training goes, it was a lonely week with a bunch of solo runs. I had a lot going on this week, so I had to squeeze some morning runs in and trade my track workout in for treadmill intervals. I run to socialize so it was running alone so much, but it was worth it to get the training in so I could hang out around town.


Monday 30 min strength + 7 miles (bridge)
Tuesday 8 miles
Wednesday 8 miles (treadmill intervals)
Thursday 7.1 miles
Friday 60 min. yoga
Saturday 12.1 miles
Sunday 8 miles
Total 50.2 miles

On Monday I lifted and ran the bridge. I was grateful for the barriers that kept me from blowing into traffic. It’s always windy on the bridge, but Monday was the worst I’ve experienced in awhile. Garmin said the temperature felt like 100, but we know Garmins lie.

I ran Wednesday morning because Clay and I went to Cirque du Soliel OVO in North Charleston. As Yelp elites, we received complimentary tickets to the show and enjoyed dinner at Community Pizza House with other Yelp elites. This was my first Cirque de Soliel show, but I’d love to see another- the actors and actresses are super talented and fit, and every act seemed to top the last one.


On Thursday, Vy, Anna, Jessica, and I went to Gay Bingo, a fundraiser for Lowcountry AIDS Services. Drag queens called out the bingo numbers and the prizes were pretty incredible, as in $150 gift cards, private dinners, and harbor cruises. None of us won, but it was fun to laugh and be a part of the event for a great cause, plus hanging out with old friends and meeting new friends. We went to Happy Hour before and bingo lasted until almost 10:30, so it was a late night for a Thursday (I had a 20 minute drive home).


Saturday’s solo run was tough. Twelve miles is a personal distance record since my February injury, but I got it done. I came home and got ready for the Charleston Beer Runners beach day. I baked “Slutty Brownies”, which are brownies with chocolate chip cookies and Oreos, and they were a big hit.


Fran and Craig are beer runners from Philly who have a home at Seabrook Island and hosted the beach day. This was my first trip to Seabrook Island’s beach, and it’s gorgeous. Since it’s a private gated community, Seabrook Island was much less crowded than our other beaches and also allows alcohol. Plus, I didn’t have to wait forever in Folly traffic. We had a big crowd of beer runners and their families, and the water and breeze felt refreshing.


On Sunday, I wrapped up the week with the group run from Hampton Park. I ran with Allison and we had a good conversation and ticked off eight miles in the heat (it was 84 at 8:30 AM). Then, we all enjoyed popsicles and Mike’s Hard Lemonade in the park before brunch.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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Weekly Rundown: July 31–August 6

We had an unseasonable drop in the temperatures and humidity this week, which made running  and life bearable. Aside from the rain on Friday, I was REALLY spoiled by the weather in Charleston this week.


Our cool mornings came a day or so after Mr. College Football’s, but I was still grateful for the renewed confidence in my workouts and training. Plus, it was just fun to be outside. Charleston is a beautiful place with beaches, bridges, and downtown streets to walk, and the cooler weather let everyone enjoy them instead of suffering in sweltering heat.


Monday 30 min. strength + 7 miles
Tuesday 9 miles
Wednesday 45 min. yoga + 6.3 miles
Thursday No workout.
Friday 7.85 miles, including 5 mile tempo
Saturday 11.15 miles
Sunday 8 miles including 12 x 100m
Total 49.3 miles

Monday started out with 30 minutes of strength training at Planet Fitness and ended with a 7 mile bridge run with Steve, Stevie, and Allison. I was planning on running some sprints after the bridge run because the temperatures were cooler and the humidity was low. Allison really pushed me with the pace, and it was already one of my faster runs this summer- so I ended up just going home and skipping the sprints.

Tuesday was also quite cool! I ran 9 miles and called it a day. It’s amazing how much the cooler temperatures helped because I finally got through the planned mileage for one of Pfitz’s mid-week long runs.

On Wednesday, I planned to go to yoga but the HVAC man was coming, so I decided to stay home in case traffic was bad and I couldn’t get home before he came. I’m glad I skipped because he came 1/2 hour early. I did a 45 minute yoga video during my lunch break.

Wednesday evening, I hit the track for my speed workout, 5 x 1000m repeats. We really need more ladies at our track workouts because I was clearly outnumbered. Where my girls at?


Kendall, Sam, and I started the workout and Jon came along a few minutes later, so we got an after picture as well. Once again, the temperatures were cooler and humidity was lower, so I actually hit my paces. I’m sure the weather will heat up again soon, and I will be back to my usual even slower paces, so I enjoyed it while it lasted.


I woke up to pouring rain on Friday. With afternoon plans to visit my mom, I had to run that morning (and not risk another day off), so treadmill it was. Even the drive to the gym was rough, so it was a smart decision. I ran about five miles at half marathon pace.

On Saturday, Emily and I ran 11 miles. My legs felt like bricks for the first mile and going up the bridge, but we had cloudy skies and a breeze that made the temperatures pleasant. Someone was walking two basset hounds in the bike lane of the Cooper River Bridge, which made me super angry and sad for the dogs. Dogs are prohibited on the bridge, and walking and running in the bike lane is dangerous for anyone. A cyclist could have been coming downhill and easily hit the dogs, because leashes are short, the lanes are narrow, and cyclists are fast.

We hit Cooper River Coffee Roasters after our run, and the cold brew with caramel syrup was delicious. They have the best cold brew in town, and Paulette is super sweet.

On Sunday, I ran 8 miles with the group and finally did my 100s toward the end of my run! It was sunny for a change (not a good change), and I had to space my strides out to avoid traffic, but I was glad to get a little turnover in my legs. After the run, we hit Moe’s Crosstown Tavern for bRUNch, where I had a really delicious spinach, red pepper, and goat cheese quiche, along with Mike’s Hard Lemonade. It was a great run and recovery.


I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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